Spring 2018 KCCAA Chinese Visa Day Notice

When: Saturday, April 7, 2018, 1:30 – 3:30pm
Where: Emmanuel Chinese Baptist Church, 10101 England Dr, Overland Park, KS 66212
Service Items: Chinese visa only (no Chinese passport, or travel certificate, etc.)
For visa information and required documents for each visa type, please refer the information listed in the Consulate General’s website:
Visa and Service Fees: The required visa fees are $140 for US Citizen, and $90 for non-US Citizen. In addition to the visa fee required by the Consulate General, service fee of $40 for member and $50 for non-member per passport/applicant will be collected by KCCAA.
Please combine the required visa fee (to Consulate General) and service fee (to KCCAA) together and make one payment to “KCCAA”. Cash or personal checks are accepted. Credit cards are NOT accepted.
No need for return envelope, and the passport/visa will be distributed to you by KCCAA in two (2) weeks. Please come and bring your receipt to pick up your passport/visa on Saturday April 21, 2018, 1:30 – 3:30pm.
2018 春季堪城中美联合会中国签证活动的通知
时间: 周六, 二零一八年四月七日, 下午 1:30 – 3:30
地点: 以马内利华人浸信会, 10101 England Dr, Overland Park, KS 66212
服务项目: 只受理中国签证 (不受理中国护照, 旅行证, 及养老金资格审核的服务)
为方便社区, 堪城中美联合会(KCCAA)将代办赴华签证。具体申请材料及收费要求, 请参照中国芝加哥总领馆网页如下:
签证及服务费用: 除了领事馆要求的签证费($140美国护照,$90其他非美国护照)以外, 堪城中美联合会将对每本护照/申请人收取相应代办手续费, $40 (会员),$50 (非会员).
请将签证费和代办手续费一起付给堪城中美联合会(KCCAA), 接受现金或个人支票付款,不收信用卡。然后由堪城中美联合会统一支付领事馆要求的签证费用.
申请人不需要回邮信封.签证办完后, 堪城中美联合会将派人赴中国驻芝加哥总领馆领取护照及签证, 并统一发放. 请于二零一八年四月二十一日下午 1:30 – 3:30凭办理收据来领取护照/签证.


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Wonderful moments of KCCAA 2018 Chinese New Year Celebration

2018 Chinese New Year Gala Video



Photographer:  Fuxue Jin

More pictures:

by Guocai Song
by Gary
 by Haijun Wei
by Haijun Wei
by Haijun Wei
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Chinese New Year Performance From Beautiful Jiangxi

Date/日期:  February 21st, 2018  (2018年2月21日)

Time/时间: 7:30 pm 

Location/地点: Lied Center of Kansas

1600 Stewart Drive Lawrence, KS 66045

Ticket/票价$50 (VIP), $20, $10 (student/学生票)

Please scan the QR code for ticketing information. Use coupon code: KU2018 or KSU2018 to get student discount.  Tickets are also available at Lied Center Box Office, online or by phone at 785-864-2787.

会票可以扫码或从Lied Center网上直接购买,或通过Lied Center电话购票:785-864-2787。也可以前往Lied Center Box Office (1600 Stewart Drive Lawrence, KS 66045) 直接购买

注:学生票是在$20普通票的基础上用优惠码:KU2018 或者KSU2018打折购买。 


为了方便不居住在Lawrence的观众取票,堪城中美联合会(KCCAA)将联合附近各华人社团为Kansas City Manhattan地区 提供统一取票和发放服务。 需要这项服务的观众请通过电话订票,并提醒购票中心需要统一取票。具体取票登记和分发的安排稍后另行通知。

Please visit Lied Center online for details.

“欢乐春节,秀美江西” 节目介绍



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Chinese New Year Greetings From Our Friends

Please come and join us on January 27, 2018.  Click here for ticket and activities information of 2018 KCCAA Chinese New Year activities.…

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2018 Kansas City Chinese Speech Contest – Deadline extended to Jan. 22, 2018

Good news:  The deadline to submit Chinese Speech Contest entry get extended to January 22nd, 2018.   Click here for detail requirement regarding the speech contest. Please continue to submit your entry. Looking forward to you all on January 27th.…

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