KCCAA 2019 Chinese New Year Celebration

CNY Gala Ticket plus KCCAA Membership – $15 plus one membership per family

Purchase Standard/Non-Membership Tickets Only: $20 

Purchase/Renew KCCAA Membership Only (no tickets) – $10  

All the tickets purchased online will be available to be picked up on Saturday Jan. 26th, 2019 from 5:00pm – 7:00pm at JCCC.

The “Kansas City Chinese New Year Celebration” to be presented by Kansas City Chinese American Association (KCCAA), University of Kansas Confucius Institute, and Edgar Snow Memorial Foundation (ESMF) will be held in Johnson County Community College (JCCC) on Saturday January 26th, 2019.

The Chinese New Year celebration activities include Chinese Speech Competition, Chinese Cultural Fair, Miss Asia USA Casting Call, and the Chinese New Year Gala. This year on stage we will have Chinese acrobatics, Leyue Performing Arts, Jasmine Chinese Dance Group, KC Chinese School, Chinese Classical Arts Qipao Association, Crescendo Conservatory, American Dance Center, and other talented musicians and performers. This year Bo Lings Chinese Restaurant will provide delicious Chinese food in the lobby of the Carlsen during the afternoon culture events. All are welcome to come and celebrate the Chinese New Year with us!

All day time Chinese New Year celebration activities are free to the public, and the tickets for evening gala for KCCAA members and non-members are $15 and $20 respectively, with discounted advanced purchase ticket of $12 and $18 prior to January 14, 2019. Different approaches to secure the gala tickets including:

1) Onsite Walk-up Purchase at JCCC Box Office (12345 College Blvd., Overland Park, KS 66210) from 10am to 5pm Monday – Friday. All ticket price at $25 (Including service fee)

2) Online Purchase through kccaa.org with three options:
a). Standard/Non-Member Ticket: $20 ($18 prior to January 14, 2019)
b). Member Gala Ticket: $15 ($12 prior to January 14, 2019) + $10 membership/Family
Need to purchase 2018 KCCAA Membership ($10/Family) together, and each family member can purchase up to 8 gala tickets.
c). Membership card only: $10/Family
All tickets and membership card purchased online can be picked up from 5:00 to 7:00pm on January 26th, 2019 in front of the Yardley Hall.

3) Pre-order through local Chinese organizations and pay discount prices at $12. Please see below ticketing poster for details. The pre-ordered tickets will be provided to the Designated Organizations one week after receiving the final ticket count by January 14, 2019, and the Designated Organization will distribute pre-ordered tickets …

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The Ninth KCCAA Community Service Award

In 2010, the Kansas City Chinese American Association (KCCAA) established an annual KCCAA Community Service Award to encourage primary and secondary school students in the greater Kansas City area to develop stronger awareness of public service and to participate actively in community service. In the past several years we have seen an increasing number of young students engaging in volunteer work, particularly under the leadership of KCCAA Youth Hope Fund. More and more of our young people have come to understand the personal satisfaction of helping others. In order to honor the unselfish efforts of these young people and, in hopes of encouraging others to follow their examples, KCCAA will offer recognition to some of the most outstanding efforts by the young people in our community to help others. There will be three level of recognitions, one first place, two second places, and three third places, evaluated based on the criteria below. To emphasize the intrinsic rewards of community service, the awardees will be given plaques, scholarships, and will be honored on stage at KCCAA’s Chinese New Year Gala.

This award may be offered to any primary or secondary school student in the greater Kansas City area and any qualified student may apply.

Requirements: an applicant must –

  1. Be an elementary or secondary school student (grades 1 through 12).
  2. Have participated in some form of voluntary work or community service (without compensation) during the past year.

Evaluation criteria for awards:

  • Service activities that emphasize service to others in need will be valued over experiences that are designed primarily as learning experiences for the student. Quantity of hours of service will not necessarily be more highly valued than quality but consistent patterns of service to others will be valued by the judges.
  • Initiative and (age-appropriate) leadership and organization in group efforts to serve others will also be noted. Fundraising activities to benefit others will be viewed as worthwhile, but (age-appropriate) direct service to others may, in some cases, may be viewed as having more enduring significance for the student applicants.

 Application procedures:

Submit an application letter by email to kccaa.award@gmail.com by January 13, 2019.

The application letter shall include the student’s name, school, and contact information for school; a list of the student’s community service experiences during 2018, with a description of each community service experience. The student shall also submit a one page essay to describe the student’s perspective …

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US Election 101


guest speaker: scott wagner

Date: October 27, 2018

Time: 3:30 pm -4:30 pm

Location: JOCO Central Resource Library, community room

9875 W 87th St, Overland Park, KS 66212

大家一定注意到周围关于从联邦到地方各种选举的新闻和路边广告了吧。是不是有点眼花缭乱?堪城中美联合会(KCCAA)特别邀请到堪萨斯城市议员,副市长Scott Wagner先生给大家介绍一下各个层级的选举以及这些选举是如何影响我们的生活的。 同时也分享一些关于如何参与各类选举活动的建议。欢迎大家的光临。

Kansas City Chinese American Association (KCCAA) Free Educational Seminar

We are honored to have Kansas City (MO) Councilman, Mayor Pro Tem Mr. Scott Wagner to be our guest speaker, introducing the deferent levels of elections that happen around us and how these elections affect us. Topics will also include how can we get involved with the various election activities for those who are interested.


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Edgar Snow Symposium – October 4-6, 2018

Edgar Snow Memorial Foundation (KCCAA’s long time sponsor) has announced today the final program of Edgar Snow Symposium to be held this week in Kansas City. They have gathered a group of prominent speakers, including: Ambassador Cui TianKai, former President of Asia Society Ambassador Nick Platt, CBS White House Chief Correspondent – Major Garrett, former US Dept. of Commerce White House Senior Advisor- Eric Branstad and Governor Colyer. For the first time, there will be a full day business program (Saturday, Oct. 6) with national and local business leaders as speakers. All sessions are free (except for meals). Registration is needed due to limited space capacity. If you are interested to participant in Friday or Saturday program, please send your name and sessions you plan to attend to jen@jentonyes.com or Nancyhill@umkc.edu.

Edgar Snow Symposium Program 2018

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KCCAA Passport / Visa Event Saturday, September 29, 2018

2018 KCCAA Passport/Visa Event

To better serve oversea Chinese, the Chinese Consulate General in Chicago will come to the State of Kansas on Saturday September 29th, 2018 to process the application for Chinese Passport, Travel Document, and other documents. This event will be assisted by Kansas City Chinese American Association (KCCAA).

  1. Event Detail

Time: 9:00am – 4:00pm on Saturday September 29th, 2018

Location: 12480 S Black Bob Rd, Olathe, KS 66062 (Indian Creek Community Church)

Coordinator: Kansas City Chinese American Association (KCCAA)

Contact: Zoe Zuo (608) 320-8464, Alex Che (913) 953-0206

  1. Document and Fees

Please refer the information listed on the Consulate General website:


The applicants will need to pay by Money Order or Cashier’s Check directly to “Chinese Consulate General in Chicago” for the required passport and/or travel document fee.

3.   Chinese Visa

For the convenience of the community, KCCAA will accept the application to Chinese Visa on September 29th, 2018. For visa information and required documents for each visa type, please refer the information listed in the Consulate General’s website:


Visa Application Fee and Service Fees: The required visa fees are $140 for US Citizen, and $90 for non-US Citizen (Multiple Entries for 12 Months or more). In addition to the visa fee required by the Consulate General, service fee of $40 for member and $50 for non-member per passport/applicant will be collected by KCCAA.

Please combine the required visa fee (to Consulate General) and service fee (to KCCAA) together and make one payment to “KCCAA”. Cash or personal checks are accepted. Credit cards are NOT accepted.

No need for return envelope, and the passport/visa will be distributed to you by KCCAA after the Visa was issued by Consulate General in Chicago (usually in 2 to 4 weeks). Please plan your trip accordingly.

Please visit KCCAA.ORG for more information.

2018年9月29日 星期六




办证时间:929日(周六)9:00 – 16:00  

办证地点:12480 S Black Bob Rd, Olathe, KS 66062 Indian Creek Community Church


联系人: 左牛拙  (608) 320-8464  车飞 (913) 953-0206  


1.      本次办证只受理中国公民护照、中国公民旅行证,及在境外居住人员领取养老金资格审核表申请。

2.      为提高效率,减少现场等待时间,请办理护照、旅行证业务的申请人通过护照预约系统(网址:http://ppt.mfa.gov.cn)提前在网上预约。

3.       预约系统将于912日上午10:00(美国中部时间)开放,请选择预约时间“929,办证地点仅限堪萨斯预约办证,并预约办理时段。(为照顾老人和儿童等特殊人群的办证需求,我馆将留出部分预约时段给老人和儿童,请您选择时间段时留意相关提示)。预约成功后,请按提示打印出带有条形码的预约申请表(届时将作为预约凭证),由申请人本人按照预约的时间段前往办证地点。

4.      进入预约系统后,需填写申请人中文姓名(请注意不是代办人姓名)及汉语拼音(或英文名,须大写)、出生日期、家庭成员信息、申请证件的种类、在美国电话号码(最好为手机)等信息并提交符合照片规格要求的数码照片(大小在30KB—80KB之间)。建议提前做好梳理和相关准备,以加快填写速度。由于系统检测工具对露齿遮耳阴影等情况识别度有限,因此即使您的照片已通过了预约系统初步检测,办证现场还是需要由领事官员重新对您的照片进行审核,如果不符合要求,您需要重新提供照片。为提高办证效率,协办方(KCCAA)将提供现场照像服务以确保照片符合总领馆要求 。现场照相每人$15

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