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KCCAA – First 5000 Masks Delivered To Health Partnership Clinic on Mar. 23, 2020



From Health Partnership Clinic

Today, representatives from Kansas City Chinese American Association (KCCAA) delivered 5,000 facial masks to HPC. We are so grateful for this donation! These masks will help protect our patients and our staff during this time of great need.

Pictured from left to right is Kaiyuan Wu, Board Member of KCCAA, Catherine Rice, Vice President of Marketing and Outreach, HPC, Lee Champion, Nurse Clinic Director and Risk Manager, HPC, Brenda McLaughlin, Vice President of Finance, HPC, Forest Rong, Chairman of KCCAA, and Alex Che, President of KCCAA.

To learn more about the work KCCAA is doing, visit their website at Or visit their Facebook page at

HPC is in desperate need of Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer and masks, to protect the safety of our patients and staff while carrying out day to day operations.

If you would like to make a donation of these critical supplies, please contact Catherine Rice, Vice President of Marketing and Outreach, at 913-730-3680

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KCCAA Need Your Help To Raise Money To Support Our Local Hospitals Fight Against Coronavirus

共渡难关 守望相助倡议书

两个月前,国内武汉等地冠状病毒疫情严峻,KCCAA向堪城华人发出捐款购物倡议后,得到了大家云集响应,总共筹得善款约$23000,2月上旬我们争分夺秒购买了4000多个护目镜,支援了10家武汉和周边地区医院,过些天我们会将详细情况公告给大家。如大家所知,目前国内疫情得到很好的控制,防护用品得到很大改善,日前支援国内的航空运输非常有限,可疫情在全球扩散,在美蔓延,纽约已经进入重大灾难紧急状况,最近 KCCAA再度收到广大华人的呼吁和医疗工作者的请求支援,我们决定紧急行动起来,向缺乏物资的美国医疗机构伸出援手,经过KCCAA board 讨论,提议将后续收到善款约$8000用于支援美国本土医护人员抗疫,希望得到大家的理解和支持。

Two months ago, the outbreak of the coronavirus spread quickly in Wuhan and other places in China. KCCAA called for a donation among the local Chinese community to purchase medical goggles to send back to China, We, overwhelmingly received a great deal of support from everyone in the area, raising a total of approximately $ 23,000. In early February we purchased more than 4,000 medical goggles supporting 10 hospitals in Wuhan and surrounding areas. We will announce more of the details in a few days. Thankfully, the current situation in China has been reported to be well under control and the protective equipment supply has been greatly improved. However, the pandemic has spread globally, including the United States. Now KCCAA is calling on our Chinese community, friends and businesses in the greater Kansas City area again. This time it is to support our local medical workers. We decided to act urgently to reach out to our local medical institutes that are facing supply shortages of protective equipment. The KCCAA board proposed to use the remaining funds from our fundraising efforts for Wuhan to now support our local medical staff fighting the pandemic.


America is where we live and the home we love and believe our help is needed right now! KCCAA calls on our Chinese community, friends and local businesses to continue donating and to show our love and care to the local community in supporting our local health care workers and offering our sincere support to fight this epidemic. We hope to get your generous support!


捐款最佳方法将钱放入KCCAA PayPal 账户,请选项朋友可以避免手续费为慈善捐款,并告知姓名以便记录

The best way to donate is to put money into your KCCAA PayPal account. Please choose a friend to avoid handling fees for charitable donations, and tell your name to record:


Or make a check to:

14336 Kessler St
Overland Park. KS66283

Thank you everyone for your support. United We Stand Against COVID-19


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同舟共济,武汉加油!– KCCAA为武汉捐款倡议











捐款最佳方法是将钱打入KCCAA PayPal 账户: 或

并告知姓名以便记录。Paypal 付款时选 send to friends and family可以避免手续费。KCCAA将为需要的捐款人提供免税收据并提醒有公司match的朋友不要忘了公司match。


P.O. Box 23325
Overland Park, KS 66283

Every day, we hear about the corona virus raging in China.  More than 46,000 people have been infected and over 1000 have died.  Chinese health officials are working to contain Covid-19 and other countries are taking precautionary measures to avoid a disastrous global pandemic.  Until only a few weeks ago, no one could have foreseen the magnitude of this catastrophe.  Medical facilities in Wuhan and the rest of Hubei province are overwhelmed despite massive emergency help from other parts of China and the rest of the world. 

Recognizing the urgent need for medical supplies in Wuhan, The Kansas City Chinese American Association(KCCAA) communicated with medical professionals in China to ascertain which supplies are needed most.  It was determined that there is an ongoing, urgent need for protective equipment such as goggles, disinfectants and masks for the front-line doctors and rescue workers.  Understandably, very few of these items are available for purchase in China now.  Therefore, the KCCAA has searched the US market for these much-needed materials which meet Chinese medical standards.  We determined that medical googles were the most readily available top-of-the-list item.  They are urgently needed in the hospitals where hundreds are admitted daily.  The Alumni Association of Wuhan University (New York) and Cainiao Logistics are helping the KCCAA to transport the supplies to Wuhan. 

It is the goal of the KCCAA to raise enough funds to purchase 5000 medial googles for the facilities in and around Wuhan.  The first consignment of 1000 protective googles are already on their way.  The US manufacturers of these googles are currently increasing production to meet domestic and international demand. 

Today (February 12th), Chinese health officials reported 14,840 new cases and 242 additional deaths due to Covid-19 (as reported by CNBC). Chinese health workers are giving their all to contain this virus before it reaches us.  We need everyone’s help to defeat this epidemic now!

Donations can be made via the KCCAA Paypal account. Please send your tax-deductible donation to or via make sure to add your name as well for our records. Select ‘send to friends and family’ to avoid handling fees. KCCAA will provide each donor with a tax-deductible

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二零二零年一月二十五号,农历大年初一,由堪城中美联合会和埃德加斯诺基金会联袂举办的大型贺新春活动在JCCC隆重举行。为感谢多年支持华人社区建设的各界人士,芝加哥总领事馆提前给大年初一的大型春节晚会发来了祝福。总领馆充分肯定了堪城中美联合会和埃德加斯诺基金会在大堪城地区为华人社区建设和中美文化交流所做出的努力和贡献,并且预祝所有堪城的朋友们鼠年大吉!我们的春节庆祝活动今年还收到了堪萨斯州长Laura Kelly以及密苏里堪萨斯市市长Quinton Lucas发来的贺信。在贺信中Kelly州长和Lucas市长赞扬了我们华裔对社区的贡献以及KCCAA在社区建设和文化交流中所作的努力。同时也恭祝大家新春快乐!Kelly州长同时宣布1月25日至2月1日为堪萨斯州的中国新年周。

全天候的大厅文化展示,各种游戏活动,中华美食让朋友们流连忘返,他们学写毛笔字,做新春卡片,领取新年红包,玩游戏赢取具有中国特色的小礼品,品尝特色中华美食,领略中医太极的魅力, 不亦乐乎!堪萨斯城多民族委员会也加入其中,和华人们分享新年的喜悦。

晚上的Yardley Hall,一千三百多个座位座无虚席!由三百多演职人员,逾十个参演单位辛苦准备了近半年带来的二十个精彩纷呈的节目给堪城的观众带来了一场视听的盛宴。晚会开始前,中央电视台导演, 2020央视春晚总导演杨东升先生专门为KCCAA发来祝贺,预祝我们的春晚成功举行,并给所有堪城的同胞们送上新春的祝福!随后堪城现代中文学校的小朋友们的童声合唱和新年祝福拉开了晚会序幕,把新春的气氛点燃。


一直活跃在KC 春晚舞台上的KCCAA 舞蹈队,此次化作了着烟灰色旗袍的美丽女子,手摇蒲扇,携小木凳,轻舞于灰墙弄堂之间。婉约,恬静,轻吸一丝烟火气,闲聊一段小家常,惊艳了时光,也惊艳了在场的所有观众。

由著名抒情女高音歌唱家彭燕带来的“思故乡”悠扬婉转,诉说着海外游子对祖国母亲的思念之情。由全球华人新秀歌唱大赛北美赛区冠军,既2010快乐男声旧金山10强选手詹鹏带来的“火柴天堂”则以醇厚的嗓音感人至深。由美国中西部地区亚洲小姐选美第一名的郝天带来的英文流行歌曲“Price Tag”激情四射,魅力十足,点燃全场。









图片:魏海军,金富学,Gary Gao

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