2019 KCCAA Chinese New Year Celebration

春晚观众来信 (Feedback)

Dear Linheng and Cici,

Thank you so much for providing me with the wonderful opportunity to attend the Chinese New Year program. The splendor of color and costume, the beautiful and elegant sequence of dance and music, the daring acrobatic display kept me mesmerized and never realized how quickly the 2 hrs had passed. I absolutely loved the delicate balance of contemporary and traditional dances and music. The entire program was a feast to my eyes and gave me an insight into Chinese tradition and culture which I have tremendous respect even more than the previous.

I thank you once again from the bottom of the heart. The only regret is not bringing Anup and Kids! Next year, we as a family will be in full attendance and will encourage my friends in my community to attend this program. I feel this program should be publicized with flyers everywhere not just restricted to the Chinese community.

Warm regards,


2019 KCCAA Spring Festival Video



photos by Gary Guo

photos by Fuxue Jin

photos by Scout Song

photos by Yangdong






KCCAA 2019春晚与你有约 – 共赴精彩盛宴


KCCAA 2019 堪城迎春晚会



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