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Career Connections

The Asian Chamber is hosting its annual virtual Career Fair on March 2nd 2023.  Participating organizations include Argosy Casino, Black & Veatch, Burns & McDonnell, Evergy, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Garmin, GEHA, JE Dunn, KC NSC Honeywell, UMB, and more! Here is more information:

The resumes will be sent directly to recruiters of the participating organizations, who will then select candidates for exclusive 1-on-1 virtual interviews. Deadline to submit a resume is Wednesday, February 22, 2023, at 4 PM CST. It should be a great event for any KCCAA member who is looking for a job with major corporations in Kansas City!…

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Production Crew and Performers Info

Producer: Jing Zou (Presendent-elect, KCCAA)

Director: Junyi Nie

Chinese pianist Junyi Nie is currently a candidate for a Doctor of Musical Arts Degree at the University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory, studying with Alon Goldstein as a scholarship and doctoral teaching fellowship recipient.

During the 2022-2023 season, as the 2021 Concerto/Aria competition winner, Junyi performed with the UMKC Conservatory Orchestra in James C. Olson Performing Arts Center White Recital Hall in March. In August, Junyi participated in Tel-Hai Piano Masterclass in Israel and performed in the concert, Remembering Marina Bondarenko. In September, Junyi performed at the International Mendelssohn Festival in Hamburg, Germany. Other performances include the Brahms Festival and the Haydn Piano Sonatas Marathon in Kansas City.

In this upcoming season, Junyi is invited to be the director of the 2023 Chinese New Year gala in January, organized by the Kansas City Chinese American Association at Midwest Trust Center Yardley Hall. In February, Junyi will be the guest musician playing concerts at the 2023 Emerald Coast Music Alliance in Florida. Under the support of the UMKC Conservatory Alumni Fund,  Junyi will go to Italy to hold a concert series of Chinese Art Songs collaborating with Chinese Sporano Ziyu Liang. In April, Junyi will perform in Bartok reimagined concert, where she also serves as the assistant director.

The highlight of the 2021 season includes performances at the Abbey Bach Festival in Oregon, Emerald Coast Music Alliance in Florida, a solo recital at the Chapel Garden Spot Village, Pennsylvania,  the 2021 KCCAA Chinese New Year Gala, and several concert series, including in Beethoven Complete Piano Sonatas, Ravel Reimagined, and Mozart Piano Concertos Celebration in Kansas City.

Junyi is also passionate about music education. She was an instructor at Boston University, where she taught group piano and aural skills. Currently, Junyi is teaching group piano and applied piano lessons at UMKC Conservatory and is a faculty member at UMKC Conservatory Academy. In August 2021, Junyi was invited to give a piano pedagogy lecture at the Conero International Music Festival in Kansas. In addition, Junyi is a producer of musical educational videos, promoting classical music through Youtube Channel Dr. Cat Music and writing articles on Wechat official account.

Junyi holds a Bachelor of Music Degree from Wuhan Conservatory of Music and a Master of Music Degree from Boston University.

Production Director: Chunyan Qiu

Chunyan is the vice president of KCCAA and the …

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岁月不居,流年无情人有情, KCCAA感恩亲们的遇见和一路陪伴,在这与2022年的告别之际,让我们借用去年KCCAA春晚压轴节目“告别时刻”这首经典歌曲,优雅地与2022年挥手告别,满怀激情张开双臂,拥抱更加美好的新一年!KCCAA中美联合会在此祝大家新年快乐!万事如意!


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The Thirteenth KCCAA Community Service Award

In 2010, the Kansas City Chinese American Association (KCCAA) established an annual KCCAA Community Service Award to encourage elementary and secondary school students in the greater Kansas City area to develop a stronger awareness of, and to inspire active participation in, community service. In the past several years, we have seen an increasing number of young students engaging in volunteer work, particularly under the leadership of KCCAA Youth Hope Fund. More and more young people have experienced the personal satisfaction of helping others. In order to honor their selfless efforts and to encourage others to follow their examples, KCCAA will recognize some of their most outstanding efforts to help others in our community. There will be three levels of recognitions: one first place, two second places, and three third places, evaluated based on the criteria below. To emphasize the fundamental rewards of community service, the awardees will be given plaques, scholarships, and will be announced during the KCCAA’s Chinese New Year Gala on Jan. 21, 2023, at Johnson County Community College.

This award may be offered to any primary or secondary school student in the greater Kansas City area. Any qualified student may apply.

Requirements: an applicant must
1. Be an elementary or secondary school student (grades 1 through 12).
2. Have participated in some form of volunteer work or community service (without compensation) during the past year.

Evaluation criteria for awards:
• Activities that emphasize service to others in need will be valued over experiences designed primarily as learning experiences for the applicant. The substance and impact of service will carry more weight than the number of hours served.
• Initiative and leadership in the organization of group efforts to serve others will also be taken into consideration. Fundraising activities to benefit others will carry considerable weight in the judge’s decisions. However, direct service to other


为鼓励大堪城地区中小学生培养公共服务意识,积极参加社区服务,堪城中美联合会于2010年特别设立年度KCCAA社区服务奖。在过去几年中我们高兴地看到在堪城中美联合会青少年希望基金会的带领下,越来越多的年轻学生投入到义务服务。越来越多的青少年感受到了帮助他人带给自己的成就感。 为了表彰这些青少年的无私奉献, 也为了鼓励更多的青少年投入到社区服务的活动中, 堪城中美联合将会表彰在过去一年社区活动的表现出色的青少年们,颁发社区服务奖励。设一等奖一名,二等奖两名,三等奖三名。获奖人将收到奖牌, 奖金, 并有机会在我们一年一度的春节晚会的舞台上接受堪城中美社区的认可。

1. 申请人是在校中、小学生(1-12年级);
2. 在过去一年中参加过任何形式的义工和社区服务(无报酬);
• 申请人参与社区活动的目的不只是在于自身的学习与经历,更重要的是该活动能真正服务他人;申请人的服务质量与服务时间同等重要,如申请人长时间坚持参与服务活动,评审会酌情加分;
• 申请人(适宜年龄)若曾主动领导与组织团队活动,评审会酌情加分;申请人参与的服务活动可以是募捐性质,如申请人的服务活动能直接接触服务对象,评审可能会酌情加分。
申请人请于2023年1月7日前提交一份申请信到以下信箱:。 申请信请列明申请人姓名,学校,电话和email地址, 2022年社区服务的经验总结。同时请附一页纸的自我评价 讲述自己所做的工作和心得体会。申请信须提供所做社区服务工作负责人或联系人姓名和联系方式。申请人请同时提交个人照片一张。



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