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The Tenth KCCAA Community Service Award

In 2010, the Kansas City Chinese American Association (KCCAA) established an annual KCCAA Community Service Award to encourage primary and secondary school students in the greater Kansas City area to develop stronger awareness of public service and to participate actively in community service. In the past several years we have seen an increasing number of young students engaging in volunteer work, particularly under the leadership of KCCAA Youth Hope Fund. More and more of our young people have come to understand the personal satisfaction of helping others. In order to honor the unselfish efforts of these young people and, in hopes of encouraging others to follow their examples, KCCAA will offer recognition to some of the most outstanding efforts by the young people in our community to help others. There will be three level of recognitions, one first place, two second places, and three third places, evaluated based on the criteria below. To emphasize the intrinsic rewards of community service, the awardees will be given plaques, scholarships, and will be honored on stage at KCCAA’s Chinese New Year Gala.

This award may be offered to any primary or secondary school student in the greater Kansas City area and any qualified student may apply.

Requirements: an applicant must –

1. Be an elementary or secondary school student (grades 1 through 12).

2. Have participated in some form of voluntary work or community service (without compensation) during the past year.

Evaluation criteria for awards:

· Service activities that emphasize service to others in need will be valued over experiences that are designed primarily as learning experiences for the student. Quantity of hours of service will not necessarily be more highly valued than quality but consistent patterns of service to others will be valued by the judges.

· Initiative and (age-appropriate) leadership and organization in group efforts to serve others will also be noted. Fundraising activities to benefit others will be viewed as worthwhile, but (age-appropriate) direct service to others may, in some cases, may be viewed as having more enduring significance for the student applicants.

Application procedures: Submit an application letter by email to by January 13, 2020.

The application letter shall include the student’s name, school, and contact information for school; a list of the student’s community service experiences during 2019, with a description of each community service experience. The student shall also submit a one page essay to describe …

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春晚大舞台 社区你我他 – Spring Festival Gala, Community You and Me


author: Jingqian Hu





1月25日 — 大年初一,老地方:连续举办了十多年春晚的 JCCC Yardley Hall;老时间:晚七点;KCCAA的年度大戏 — 春晚,将正点拉开帷幕。

Time flies! It’s near the end of the year again.
2020,the Spring Festival of the Lunar Year of the Rat is around the corner.
Once again, KCCAA has started the rally to watch the Spring Festival Gala and celebrate the New Year.

January 25 — New Year’s Day, same Place: JCCC Yardley Hall, which has held more than ten years of Spring Festival Gala; same time: 7 pm; KCCAA’s annual drama — Spring Festival Gala, will begin on time.



Last year we reviewed the wonderful moments of the Spring Festival Gala together. Now we will talk about those people behind the Spring Festival Gala and their efforts.

In this article, we will talk about three key figures behind the Spring Festival Gala,
First vice president, Ms. Chunyan Qiu
The current president, Mr. Che Fei
The chairman and former president, Mr. Rong Lei.


First vice president, Ms. Chunyan Qiu


For more than ten years, Ms. Qiu has been devoted to various preparations for the Spring Festival Gala, especially responsible for designing the layout of all the venues for the celebrations on the day of the Spring Festival Gala, preparing decorative materials, and managing the organization staff to arrange them properly in each venue. Since 2016, Ms. Qiu has been the director of the Spring Festival Evening


In preparation for the community’s annual Spring Festival Gala, Director Qiu began her planning, collecting and selecting programs in April each year.


To ensure the success of the Gala, Director Qiu did a lot of work. In her Spring Festival Gala memo over the years, from program planning to division of labor and coordination, from coordinating the performance team to arranging the production of the background video of the show, from conceiving and designing the performance process to rehearsal to check the performance of the stage performance, from urging contact with sponsors to arranging various advertisements on the network Distribution on social media, from the confirmation of ticket sales points to the control of program listings and host manuscripts, from the employment of camera photographers to the statistics of the catering of the cast members … The preparations are meticulous and adequate. Implementing these details one by one needs huge efforts. Director Qiu invested a lot of time and energy for this.…

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KCCAA Fall 2019 Passport / Visa Event – Saturday, September 7, 2019



办证时间:9月7日(周六)9:00 – 16:00 (签证9:00 – 12:00)

办证地点:12480 S Black Bob Rd, Olathe, KS 66062 (Indian Creek Community Church)


联系人: 车飞 (913) 953-0206,  成小航 (913) 957-1437


2019 KCCAA Passport/Visa Event

To better serve oversea Chinese, the Chinese Consulate General in Chicago will come to the State of Kansas on Saturday September 7th, 2019 to process the application for Chinese Passport, Travel Document, and other documents. This event will be assisted by Kansas City Chinese American Association (KCCAA) and Kansas City Chinese Association (KCCA).

Event Detail

Time: 9:00am – 4:00pm on Saturday September 7th, 2019 (9:00am – 12:00pm for VISA)

Location: 12480 S Black Bob Rd, Olathe, KS 66062 (Indian Creek Community Church)

Coordinator: Kansas City Chinese American Association (KCCAA)

Contact: Alex Che (913) 953-0206, David Cheng (913) 957-1437


Click here for detail information…

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KCCAA 2019 Spring Visa Event

When: Saturday, April 13, 2019, 1:30– 3:30pm
Where: Emmanuel Chinese Baptist Church, 10101 England Drive, Overland Park, KS 66212
Service Items: Chinese visa only (no Chinese passport, or travel certificate, etc.)
For visa information and required documents for each visa type, please refer the information listed on the Consulate General’s website:
Visa Fee and Service Charge: The required visa fee is $140 for US Citizen, and $90 for non-US Citizen. In addition to the visa fee required by the Consulate General, service charge of $40 for member and $50 for non-member per passport/applicant will be collected by KCCAA.
Please combine the required visa fee (to Consulate General) and service charge (to KCCAA) together and make one payment to “KCCAA”. Cash or personal checks are accepted. Credit cards are NOT accepted.
No need for return envelope. The Visa will be distributed to you by KCCAA in approximately two (2) to three (3) weeks.

2019 春季堪城中美联合会中国签证活动的通知

时间: 周六, 二零一九年四月十三日, 下午 1:30 – 3:30
地点: 以马内利华人浸信会, 10101 England Drive, Overland Park, KS 66212
服务项目: 只代办中国签证 (不受理中国护照, 旅行证, 及养老金资格审核的服务)
为方便社区,堪城中美联合会(KCCAA)将代办赴华签证。具体申请材料及收费要求, 请参照中国芝加哥总领馆网页如下:
签证及服务费用:除了领事馆要求的签证费($140美国护照,$90其他非美国护照)以外, 堪城中美联合会将对每本护照/申请人收取相应代办手续费, $40 (会员),$50 (非会员)。
请将签证费和代办手续费一起付给堪城中美联合会(KCCAA), 接受现金或个人支票付款,不收信用卡。然后由堪城中美联合会统一支付领事馆要求的签证费用。
申请人不需要回邮信封.签证办完后, 堪城中美联合会将派人赴中国驻芝加哥总领馆领取护照及签证, 并统一发放. 根据领馆工作负荷,签证处理时间大约为两到三周。…

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Chinese New Year Greetings From Our Friends

Please come and join us on January 27, 2018.  Click here for ticket and activities information of 2018 KCCAA Chinese New Year activities.…

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