KCCAA 2020 Chinese New Year Celebration kicks off


Tickets for Spring Festival Gala are on sale. Please click the link below to purchase.

Purchase Standard/Non-Membership Tickets Only: $12 

Purchase/Renew KCCAA Membership Only (no tickets) – $10  

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KCCAA 春晚, 我们的希望在这里起航 Spring Festival Gala, our hope set sail here

时光匆匆,弹指间2019年就要匆匆逝去,鼠年正大踏步向我们走来。亲爱的堪城华人朋友们,大家一定都急切期盼着一年一度的最最隆重的堪城KCCAA春晚吧, 让我们一起翘首以盼吧! 请记住: 1/25/2020 — 周六 — 大年初一,我们在老地方:JCCC Yardley Hall 一起拜大年!不见不散!

Time flies. 2019 is about to pass in a snap. Everyone must be eagerly looking forward to the annual and most grand KCCAA Spring Festival Gala.  Let us look forward to it! Remember: 1/25/2020-Saturday -New Year’s Day, we are in the same place: JCCC Yardley Hall to celebrate New Year together. See you there.

历年的KCCAA春晚舞台上,众多节目精彩纷呈,许多节目让人过目不忘。堪城本地的各个华人文艺团队更是首当其冲,各显神通。堪城旗袍协会的古典戏曲与服饰水乳交融的演示;乐乐艺术团气势磅礴的大合唱;茉莉花中国舞团婀娜飘逸的舞蹈;堪城现代 中文学校孩子们稚嫩而富有童趣的表演以及其他文艺团队的演出都给观众们留下了深刻的印象,每每想起,依然记忆犹新,历历在目。他们为增添节日气氛,为活跃社区生活,为弘扬中华文化立下了汗马功劳。

On the KCCAA Spring Festival Gala over the years, many programs are exciting, and many programs are unforgettable. The various Chinese literary and art teams are the first to bear the brunt of their magic. The classical opera and costumes by Kansas Qipao Association, the magnificent chorus by Leyue Performing Art Troupe, the graceful dance by the Jasmine Chinese Dance Troupe; the performances of the children from the Modern Chinese School of Kansas City and many other literary and artistic teams. The amazing performances have left a deep impression for the audience. They contributed to the festival atmosphere, the active community life, and the promotion of Chinese culture.

去年的春晚舞台上,堪城古典艺术旗袍协会带来的大型古典戏曲艺术节目“梨园春梦” 由旗袍协会创始人刘娜女士编排指导,独树一帜,气势宏大,深受大家的喜爱,赢得观众朋友们阵阵如潮的掌声。堪城古典艺术旗袍协会从成立至今,两年多来得到了许多热心朋友的鼎力支持和慷慨赞助,在会长Theresa的带领下,吸引了一大批喜爱中国文化,热衷于传播中国文化的当地华人朋友和美国朋友,为加强中美文化交流,促进中美友谊作出了重要贡献。正如Theresa 会长 说的:“我们堪城古典艺术旗袍协会的宗旨是传承弘扬中华文化,丰富堪城华人生活。我们要为美国中部的华人朋友搭建一个好的平台,不仅要为华人朋友提供丰富的生活讯息,而且更要鼓励和促进华人和美国朋友之间的文化交流,为增强中美友谊而努力。” 欲穷千里目,更上一层楼!今年的春晚舞台上堪城旗袍协会将再接再厉,再创辉煌,将带领观众朋友们一起穿越回到延禧宫,相信这个有创意的穿越剧一定会破茧而出,精彩绝伦,在春晚舞台上征服所有的观众,博得满堂喝彩!

On the stage of the Spring Festival Gala last year, the large-scale classical opera art program “Liyuan Chunmeng” brought by Kansas Classical Cheongsam Association was arranged and directed by Ms. Liu Na, the founder of Cheongsam Association. It is unique and imposing. Since its establishment, Kansas Cheongsam Association has received generous support of many enthusiastic friends for more than two years. Under the leadership of President Theresa, it has attracted a large number of local Chinese friends who love Chinese culture and are keen to spread Chinese culture. With American friends, they have made important contributions to strengthening Sino-US cultural exchanges and promoting Sino-US friendship. As President Theresa said, “The purpose of our Kansas Cheongsam Association is to carry forward the Chinese culture and enrich the Chinese life in greater Kansas City area. We need to build a good platform for Chinese friends in the central United States, not only to provide rich Chinese friends Life information, but also encourage and promote cultural exchanges between Chinese and American friends, and work hard to enhance Sino-US friendship. ” On this year’s Spring Festival Gala, the Kansas Cheongsam Association will make persistent efforts and create greater glories. It will lead the audience to travel back to Yanxi Palace. I believe this creative drama will definitely break out of the cocoon, conquer all …

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The Tenth KCCAA Community Service Award

In 2010, the Kansas City Chinese American Association (KCCAA) established an annual KCCAA Community Service Award to encourage primary and secondary school students in the greater Kansas City area to develop stronger awareness of public service and to participate actively in community service. In the past several years we have seen an increasing number of young students engaging in volunteer work, particularly under the leadership of KCCAA Youth Hope Fund. More and more of our young people have come to understand the personal satisfaction of helping others. In order to honor the unselfish efforts of these young people and, in hopes of encouraging others to follow their examples, KCCAA will offer recognition to some of the most outstanding efforts by the young people in our community to help others. There will be three level of recognitions, one first place, two second places, and three third places, evaluated based on the criteria below. To emphasize the intrinsic rewards of community service, the awardees will be given plaques, scholarships, and will be honored on stage at KCCAA’s Chinese New Year Gala.

This award may be offered to any primary or secondary school student in the greater Kansas City area and any qualified student may apply.

Requirements: an applicant must –

1. Be an elementary or secondary school student (grades 1 through 12).

2. Have participated in some form of voluntary work or community service (without compensation) during the past year.

Evaluation criteria for awards:

· Service activities that emphasize service to others in need will be valued over experiences that are designed primarily as learning experiences for the student. Quantity of hours of service will not necessarily be more highly valued than quality but consistent patterns of service to others will be valued by the judges.

· Initiative and (age-appropriate) leadership and organization in group efforts to serve others will also be noted. Fundraising activities to benefit others will be viewed as worthwhile, but (age-appropriate) direct service to others may, in some cases, may be viewed as having more enduring significance for the student applicants.

Application procedures: Submit an application letter by email to kccaa.award@gmail.com by January 13, 2020.

The application letter shall include the student’s name, school, and contact information for school; a list of the student’s community service experiences during 2019, with a description of each community service experience. The student shall also submit a one page essay to describe …

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春晚大舞台 社区你我他 – Spring Festival Gala, Community You and Me


author: Jingqian Hu





1月25日 — 大年初一,老地方:连续举办了十多年春晚的 JCCC Yardley Hall;老时间:晚七点;KCCAA的年度大戏 — 春晚,将正点拉开帷幕。

Time flies! It’s near the end of the year again.
2020,the Spring Festival of the Lunar Year of the Rat is around the corner.
Once again, KCCAA has started the rally to watch the Spring Festival Gala and celebrate the New Year.

January 25 — New Year’s Day, same Place: JCCC Yardley Hall, which has held more than ten years of Spring Festival Gala; same time: 7 pm; KCCAA’s annual drama — Spring Festival Gala, will begin on time.



Last year we reviewed the wonderful moments of the Spring Festival Gala together. Now we will talk about those people behind the Spring Festival Gala and their efforts.

In this article, we will talk about three key figures behind the Spring Festival Gala,
First vice president, Ms. Chunyan Qiu
The current president, Mr. Che Fei
The chairman and former president, Mr. Rong Lei.


First vice president, Ms. Chunyan Qiu


For more than ten years, Ms. Qiu has been devoted to various preparations for the Spring Festival Gala, especially responsible for designing the layout of all the venues for the celebrations on the day of the Spring Festival Gala, preparing decorative materials, and managing the organization staff to arrange them properly in each venue. Since 2016, Ms. Qiu has been the director of the Spring Festival Evening


In preparation for the community’s annual Spring Festival Gala, Director Qiu began her planning, collecting and selecting programs in April each year.


To ensure the success of the Gala, Director Qiu did a lot of work. In her Spring Festival Gala memo over the years, from program planning to division of labor and coordination, from coordinating the performance team to arranging the production of the background video of the show, from conceiving and designing the performance process to rehearsal to check the performance of the stage performance, from urging contact with sponsors to arranging various advertisements on the network Distribution on social media, from the confirmation of ticket sales points to the control of program listings and host manuscripts, from the employment of camera photographers to the statistics of the catering of the cast members … The preparations are meticulous and adequate. Implementing these details one by one needs huge efforts. Director Qiu invested a lot of time and energy for this.…

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201997日星期六 堪城中美联合会(KCCAA就华人社区关心的健康和教育问题主办了两场精彩的讲座。主讲人胡先祥名五川人 



下午的教育讲座也是座无虚席,五川人老师以他近10年从事子女教育的经验,详细介绍了高中4年的规划,包括选课,课外活动,义工,夏令营,实习,领导力以及时间管理等等家长们关心的问题。超过100位家长和学生参加了强生县中央图书馆(Johnson County Central Library)的教育讲座讲座一直进行到图书馆关门的最后一分钟,家长们才依依不舍的离开。 

两场精彩的讲座让堪城的华人受益匪浅。这次五川人老师自付路费从加州来堪城举办讲座,给堪城华人分享了第一手的个人经历和宝贵经验,开拓了大家的视野大家更为五川人老师多年来对社区无私奉献的精神所感动。堪城中美联合会将争取邀请五老师再访堪城为大家深入讲解教育医疗相关问题。也欢迎大家提供其它关注的讲座话题,相关建议请封邮件到: kccaaboardofdirectors@yahoo.com


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