2018 Kansas City Chinese Speech Contest – Deadline extended to Jan. 22, 2018

Good news:  The deadline to submit Chinese Speech Contest entry get extended to January 22nd, 2018.   Click here for detail requirement regarding the speech contest. Please continue to submit your entry. Looking forward to you all on January 27th.…

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The Eighth KCCAA Community Service Award

In 2010, the Kansas City Chinese American Association (KCCAA) established an annual KCCAA Community Service Award to encourage primary and secondary school students in the greater Kansas City area to develop stronger awareness of public service and to participate actively in community service. In the past several years we have seen an increasing number of young students engaging in volunteer work, particularly under the leadership of KCCAA Youth Hope Fund. More and more of our young people have come to understand the personal satisfaction of helping others. In order to honor the unselfish efforts of these young people and, in hopes of encouraging others to follow their examples, KCCAA will offer recognition to some of the most outstanding efforts by the young people in our community to help others. To emphasize the intrinsic rewards of community service, the awardees will be given plaques, scholarships (amount to be determined), and will be honored on stage at this year’s Spring Festival Gala.

This award may be offered to any primary or secondary school student in the greater Kansas City area and any qualified student may apply.

Requirements: an applicant must –

1. Be an elementary or secondary school student (grades 1 through 12).

2. Have participated in some form of voluntary work or community service (without compensation) during the past year.

Evaluation criteria for awards:

· Service activities that emphasize service to others in need will be valued over experiences that are designed primarily as learning experiences for the student. Quantity of hours of service will not necessarily be more highly valued than quality but consistent patterns of service to others will be valued by the judges.

· Initiative and (age-appropriate) leadership and organization in group efforts to serve others will also be noted. Fundraising activities to benefit others will be viewed as worthwhile but (age-appropriate) direct service to others may, in some cases, be viewed as having more enduring significance for the student applicants.

Application procedures: Submit a one to three page application letter by email to kccaa.award@gmail.com by January 20, 2018. The application statement should include the student’s name, school, and contact information for school; a list of the student’s community service experiences during 2017, with a description of each community service experience; the student’s perspective of the benefit of the service to those served, and the student’s reflections on lessons learned from his or her service experience(s). Please also …

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从一月到二月,大规模的迎春联欢晚会就有三场,其中包括中美联合会、孔子学院与斯诺基金会联手举办的KCCAA春晚、演讲大赛、和文化展示。本地美术馆和中文学校也纷纷举办自己的中国新年日(China Day)和联谊活动。

本地最大的华人社团中美联合会KCCAA(Kansas City Chinese American Association)的春晚导演春燕女士告诉我,今年KCCAA的春晚,不仅会一如既往地为广大华人奉献本地最好的歌舞演出和文艺表演,还特意邀请陕西永宁艺术团万里迢迢来到堪城,为堪城民众献上长安乐舞、诗画乐舞、唢呐名曲、二胡独奏等精彩纷呈的节目。










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KCCAA 2018 Chinese New Year Celebration

All tickets are sold out.  Thank you ALL!  Looking forward to seeing you at JCCC on January 27, 2018.

Purchase Standard/Non-Membership Tickets Only: $18  

(this will go up to $20 after January 14, 2018)

CNY Gala Ticket plus KCCAA Membership – $22 (10+12) for one membership and one ticket

(this will go up to $25 (10+15) after January 14, 2018)

Purchase/Renew KCCAA Membership Only (no tickets) – $10  

All the tickets purchased online will be available to be picked up on Saturday Jan. 27th, 2018 from 5:00pm – 7:00pm at JCCC.

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2018 Year of the Dog, Kansas City Chinese Speech Contest For Youth, University Students, and Adults

Sponsored by: The Confucius Institute of the University of Kansas in partnership with The Center for East Asian Studies of the University of Kansas and The Kansas City Chinese American Association

Preliminary Competition by Video Submission DUE: Monday, January 22, 2018 11:59PM

Finalists will be invited to a Final Competition on: Saturday, January 27, 2018 9:00am to 11:30am, Awards Ceremony at 12:00pm

Johnson County Community College

Please join us in our annual Chinese speaking competition, sponsored by the Confucius Institute of the University of Kansas. Yearly, we partner with area organizations to offer learners and heritage speakers of Chinese an opportunity to showcase their skills. Our competition welcomes all levels of Chinese language learners and heritage speakers (in separate competition categories), and will feature Certificates and Prizes for participants!


Students currently enrolled in a Chinese program in any K12 school, university, or Chinese weekend school (or homeschool Chinese program), and adult learners are eligible. All contestants must be recommended by their respective Chinese language teacher (can be parent/homeschool teacher).

Please email the form below (can be in the body of an email) as instructed. Contestants should then submit a video entry by uploading it onto YouTube using the “Unlisted” privacy setting, then email the link to your video to ciku@ku.edu.

Here is a link to the YouTube help page on Unlisted videos: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/157177?co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop&hl=en

In your email with the link, please include the following text:

By emailing the link to my “Unlisted” YouTube video, I hereby give permission for Kansas City Chinese Speech Contest judges to view and judge my speech competition entry.

The top contestants in each division will be invited to compete in the finals at Johnson County Community College on January 28, 2017. Prizes and Certificates will be awarded!

Technical Requirements:

Please record your video in MPEG-4. Do not add background music or other sound effects; Do Not Use: PowerPoint, props, or other visual aids; Outdoor or indoor backgrounds are acceptable. A quiet environment, with as little ambient noise as possible, is recommended. Video camera angle must show the speaker’s head and shoulders (or from the waist up).

All speeches should be memorized and delivered in Mandarin Chinese without notes, printed materials, or PowerPoint. The contestant should compose his or her original speech. Speeches may quote other authors’ works but the majority of the work should be original …

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