KCCAA Fundraising Proposal to Support Henan, China

“心系河南 驰援灾区“捐款倡议书





1)将钱直接转入KCCAA PayPal 账户,并告知姓名以便记录:kccaa20@gmail.com

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KCCAA, 7327 Campbell St., Kansas City, MO 64131


Fundraising Proposal to Support Henan, China

As you may already know from the news, China’s Henan Province has been affected by severe flooding, caused by a period of prolonged heavy rainfall since July 17, 2021. As of today July 25, at least 63 people were killed, 5 went missing, 815,000 people were evacuated, 1.1 million were relocated, and 9.3 million people were affected. There is still no water, electricity, and communication in many part of the cities.

Within short time, KCCAA has reached out to Henan province to gain the first-hand information on the emergency need in the area. In the meantime, KCCAA have established a partnership with China Foundation of Culture and Art for Children (CFCAC), to provide long term sustainable financial and educational support to a dedicate school that was damaged during the flood. KCCAA calls on our Chinese American community, friends, and local businesses to support our effort and show our love and care to the people of Henan, the sister state/province of Kansas.

Please join us together for this support, and we are all in this together!

Donation via:

1). PayPal – Directly donate money into our KCCAA PayPal account, and please leave your name for record: kccaa20@gmail.com

2) Check – Make a check payable to “KCCAA” with below address:

KCCAA, 7327 Campbell St., Kansas City, MO 64131

Thank you everyone for your support!

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