KCCAA 堪城云春晚倒计时 – 抽大奖、抢红包、“牛”转乾坤


KCCAA堪城中美联合会的2021春晚将以全球网络直播,互动体验,喜送红包的形式走进千家万户,陪伴大家在“云端”过大年!节目期间穿插多次红包发送和几十个堪城餐饮礼卷的抽奖活动,最幸运奖将会是$200 Amazon礼品卡,所有观看节目的朋友都有通过有奖问答赢得最幸运奖的机会。活动将在节目之间插播,敬请关注荧屏,不要错过哟!

The 2021 KCCAA Chinese New Year Gala will enter thousands of households for the first time ever in the form of live streaming. It’ll be a brand new interactive experience along with exciting red envelope distribution to celebrate the New Year together in the cloud. During the performance, there will also be chances to win local restaurant gift cards worth $25-$100. The winners will be announced in between programs, please pay attention on the screen during living streaming and don’t miss the opportunities.


In addition to the strong local performance teams as in the past, this year we also invited some performers from China, Programs include songs, dances, musical instrument performance, Qipao show etc..Let us gather together online in a special way, to say goodbye to the special year of 2020, and welcome the new year of 2021.

周日(2/7) 春晚微信群“堪春晚抽奖红包群”将开始开放,请邀请你的亲朋好友与我们相聚, 叙家常,看春晚,抢红包。

On Sunday (February 7th) the Spring Festival Gala WeChat group will open. Please invite your relatives and friends. Let’s watch the Spring Festival Gala as well as grab red envelopes and have fun together.

美国本土的朋友们请扫码或点击 https://youtu.be/P-EZHMlEyOQ 高清Youtube live网络观看节目

Friends from the United States, please scan the code or click https://youtu.be/P-EZHMlEyOQ to watch the show on the HD Youtube live network


For friends and relatives in China, please scan the following QR code and join the cloud to watch.

荧屏上,微群里,年味玲琅满目,唯有KCCAA的倾心奉献不可辜负,它带来的满屏欢乐定不容错过! 让我们共创欢乐颂,同享春晚盛宴!2月12日,大年初一晚我们“云”里相见!

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