KCCAA 护照/签证活动提醒和系列教育讲座


2016 KCCAA 护照/签证活动将于10月29日在10101 England Drive, Overland Park, KS 66212举行. 具体安排请参照www.kccaa.org

在护照/签证活动举行的同时, 我们也将举办两场教育讲座. 对公众免费开放.

教育讲座1: 家庭财务管理知识讲座   10:00  – 12:00pm

教育讲座2: 您重要的一票   1:00 – 2:30pm

教育讲座1: 家庭财务管理知识讲座由资深财务管理师周虹主讲.

我们中国人常说:人不理财, 财不理你。家庭理财就像一盘棋, 如何通盘考虑, 做好短期、中期及长期计划至关重要。

如何为孩子上大学存钱呢 (529, Coverdell, 7702 …)?收入高就一定申请不到助学金吗?什么是EFC?如何最大限度地获得助学金呢?

你可知税务计划做与不做,退休后的收入税可能差出40%之多吗?都有什么省税缓税的计划和方法呢?如何控制投资风险从而更好地管理好退休计划呢(401k, IRA, Roth …)?换工作或退休后401k 是否应该direct rollover? 转到哪里最合适?公司不提供pension 我们自己如何避免发生‘人活着钱没了’的现象?

什么是有钱人积累财富的秘密武器?如何选择长期护理险(long term care)?如何做好遗产规划?是否应当设立 Living Trust?如何避免双重收税将更多的财富留给自己的亲人?


教育讲座2: 您重要的一票, 由江森县妇女选民联盟主席辛迪主讲. 辛迪也是OLATHE南部高中的校长助理和活动总监.

随着下个月进入的总统选举, 也为了给我们堪城中美社区提供一个了解选举以及投票的具体操作, 本讲座将讨论我们为什么要投票, 选民所要决定的选票问题, 在选举前如何有效的了解候选人的方法, 以及其他有关选举和投票具体信息.

民主是政府的一个系统, 而且只有当所有公民都参与到塑造政府现在和未来发展方向的情况下才能更繁荣. 参与国家,州,和社区选举是所有公民的重要责任. 创立于近一百年前, 让民主行驶它的职能是妇女选民联盟唯一的使命.

欢迎所有对今年大选有兴趣和想进一步了解选举和投票问题的人士参加. 跟妇女选民联盟的领导人进行交谈.


KCCAA Passport/Visa Event Reminder and Educational Seminars


This is a courtesy reminder that the 2016 KCCAA Passport/Visa event will be held on Saturday October 29 at 10101 England Drive, Overland Park, KS 66212. Please visit www.kccaa.org for detailed information.

In conjunction with the event, we will also host two educational seminars on the same day and at the same location. Free to the public.

Seminar one: FAMILY FINANCIAL STRATEGIES 10:00 – 12:00pm

Seminar two: YOUR VOTE MATTERS 1:00 – 2:30pm

Seminar one, Family Financial Strategies, to be presented by Cecilia Zhou of Wealth Builders Company.

The main topics to be discussed include:

  • What are the areas of consideration for a family’s overall financial planning?
  • What are the options of saving for college?
  • How to maximize your potential to receive financial aid?
  • How to help protect retirement savings against market volatility, rising cost of living and avoid outliving our money?
  • How to invest in tax advantaged vehicles?
  • How to protect our families against loss of income and unexpected events with appropriate insurance?

If you would like to find the answers and learn about strategies that may help you reach your financial goals, please join us for a complimentary, no obligation seminar.

Seminar two, Your Vote Matters, to be presented by Candy Birch, current president of League of Women Voters (LWV) Johnson County, and assistant principal and activities director at Olathe South High School. 

With incoming Presidential election next month and for the purpose to provide educational information regarding the process, the presentation will address reasons to vote, the ballot issues voters will decide, and ways to learn about candidates and issues before going to the polls.  

Democracy is a system of government that thrives when all citizens become involved in shaping the present and future directions of their country. Participating in national, state, and community elections is an essential role for all citizens. League of Women Voters was founded almost one hundred years ago with the single mission:  Making Democracy Work. 

Welcome all who has interests in the election this year and/or want to know more about the election and ballot. It’s great opportunity to discuss directly with the leader of LWV.


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