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MAACA/KCCAA Golf Tournament Sunday August 7th




作为联合主办者,KCCAA的会员可以以每人$50的报名费参加(低于面向公众的每人 $85报名费)。除此以外,参加比赛的会员还可以享受City of Blue Springs'18-hole championship的高尔夫球场、免费的早餐、午餐(由Thai餐馆提供)、免费体恤衫等。另有令人惊喜的奖品等着您!


We are glad to announce that, as the co-host of the 1st annual MAACA Golf Tournament, KCCAA members can participate this event with below the cost

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Member Benefits

Member discount at our yearly Visa / Passport Event hosted by KCCAA and the China Consulate-General Office in Chicago.

Member Discount tickets for New Year Celebration and other year-round performances

7% discount with cash purchase at 888 International Market (Cash …

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