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Important Name Change Announcement

[Feb. 6 2010] As many of you know, currently there are two organizations  in the area with almost identical names.  This has caused much confusion.  Feb. 1 2010, the Board of Directors of KCCA proposed a name change to help remove any further confusion.  The reaction and feedback from the public for the proposed name “Kansas City Chinese American Association” (KCCAA) has been very positive and constructive.

Our reasons behind the name change are as follows.

1.  The new name will help create a harmonious environment for the local Chinese community.  Even though it was this board that created the name KCCA three years ago, and it is near and dear to our members’ hearts, the board has decided to give up this highly recognized name to prevent more confusion and conflict.

2.  The new name can better represent our organization’s current and future state.  The new name has broader appeal to individuals, families and organizations.  We would like to welcome everyone including individuals and families who are Chinese from various places, Chinese Americans, families with Chinese children or anyone who love Chinese culture and want to be part of our organization.  Chinese culture has a vast and rich root.  Its inclusiveness reaches beyond Chinese descendants and the culture heritage belongs to the entire world.  Our new name transcends the “Exclusive Chinese Club” image and reaches to the mainstream society.  We also hope the new name and “new” organization will be a catalyst to melting communities and cultures together and building more understanding.  In one or two decades, when the 2nd or 3rd generations of Chinese Americans become community organizers, this name will be even more fitting.

3.  The new name will help us operate more effectively.  With IRS approved  501C (3) status, we believe our new name will have broader appeal to the public for fund raising.  This will help support our charters (charity, education and culture exchange) as well as community services.  Our near and longer term plan includes:

  • Organize and improve Chinese New Year Celebration and other Chinese festival activities
  • Organize and promote culture exchange  in Kansas City from China and/or other states in the US
  • Youth Summer Camp programs both in China and US
  • Connect schools in Kansas City area and schools in China (such as sister schools)
  • Support Kansas City Friendship School (which we funded and named) in China and other selected schools in the
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