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The Eleventh KCCAA Community Service Award

In 2010, the KansasCity Chinese American Association (KCCAA) established an annual KCCAA Community Service Award to encourage elementary and secondary school students in the greater Kansas City area to develop a stronger awareness of, and to inspire active participation in, community service. In the past several years, we have seen an increasing number of young students engaging in volunteer work, particularly under the leadership of KCCAA Youth Hope Fund. More and more young people have experienced the personal satisfaction of helping others. In order to honor their selfless efforts and to encourage others to follow their examples, KCCAA will recognize some of their most outstanding efforts to help others in our community. There will be three levels of recognitions: one first place, two second places, and three third places, evaluated based on the criteria below. To emphasize the fundamental rewards of community service, the awardees will be given plaques, scholarships, and will be announced during the KCCAA’s Chinese New Year Gala (online).
This award may be offered to any primary or secondary school student in the greater Kansas City area. Any qualified student may apply.

Requirements: an applicant must – 

1.    Be an elementary or secondary school student(grades 1 through 12).

2.    Have participated in some form of volunteer work orcommunity service (without compensation) during the past year. 

Evaluation criteria for awards:

·      Activities that emphasize service to others in need will be valued over experiences designed primarily as learning experiences for the applicant. The substance and impact of service will carry more weight than the number of hours served.

·      Initiative and leadership in the organization of group efforts to serve others will also be taken into consideration. Fundraising activities to benefit others will carry considerable weight in the judge’s decisions. However, direct service to others may be viewed as having more enduring significance. The age of the applicant will be taken into consideration by the judges.   

Application procedures:

Submit an application letter by email to by February 6, 2021.  

The application letter should include the student’s name, school, andcontact information for their school. A list of the student’s community as well as a description of their community service experiences during 2020 must beincluded.  The student shall also submit a one-page essay describing the benefits of their service to others.  The essay should also include their reflections on lessons learned from his or her service experience(s). Please also include the …

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