Youth Hope Fund 2nd Annual Meeting

Date: October 5th 7-9pm

Location: Indian Creek Community Church Room 018
Address: 12480 South Black Bob Road, Olathe, KS 66062

The Youth Hope Fund and  its student leadership committee is a group of smart, talented, and driven students in the KC area that fund raises to help feed, clothe, and educate other kids in need around the world, especially in areas suffering great disaster. In the past year, Youth Hope Fund Student Leadership Committee has successfully held nine fund raising events and raised totally about $7000.

Youth Hope Fund Student Leadership Committee also successfully organized three voluntary trips to help people in need. Youth Hope Fund has distributed $1000 scholarships to 16 students at KC friendship school in China and donated $3000 to the city of Joplin Missouri for its tornado disaster relief.

Currently, we have 15 members, more and more young people are joining Youth Hope Fund leadership committee.

If you would like to help kids in need, if you would like to have an opportunity to improve your leadership skills, if you would like to earn community service hours… Join Youth Hope Fund Leadership committee, we support each other, we work together, we have lots of fun. It is a right place for you!

Youth Hope Fund Second Annual Meeting will be held on October 5th from 7 to 9 pm at Indian Creek Church. We will review what we have done in the past year, introduce old members and welcome new members, acknowledge community service hours for all participated members and discuss plan for new year.

It is a very important meeting, if you would like to be a member of Youth Hope Fund leadership Committee, please come to the meeting and be part of us!

2012 Passport & Visa Event – September 22, Saturday

What: Chinese passport,visa, travel certificate

Where: Indian Creek Community Church (map)

Address: 12480 South Black Bob Road, Olathe, KS 66062

Service Item: Chinese passport extension, renewal, travel certificate, visa


include your name, phone number, service item,

number of people (per family).

Important Note

  • Passport, Travel Certificate, click here to follow instructions (application form, documents, application fee)
  • Chinese Visa, click here for the latest instructions (application form, documents, fee, newly required invitation letter)
  • KCCAA will confirm and assign your reservation upon receiving reservation request. Reservation is required and please only come during your assigned time slot on Sept. 22.

(2) 中国境内各类公司、企事业单位或个人的邀请函。中国境内个人出具邀请函时,需提供个人身份证件复印件;或
(3) 往返机票订单和酒店订单。
* 邀请函须包含以下事项:
① 被邀请人个人信息:姓名、性别、出生日期等;
② 被邀请人访问信息:来华目的、抵离日期、访问地点、与邀请单位或邀请人关系、费用来源等;
③ 邀请单位或邀请人信息:邀请单位名称或个人姓名、联系电话、地址、单位印章、法定代表邀请人签字等。

* 一般情况下,邀请函可以是传真件、复印件或打印件。必要时,领事官员可根据情况要求申请人提供邀请函原件,或提供有关证明文件或补充材料,或面谈申请人。
* 对申请人提供虚假邀请函或其他不实情况的,将予拒签。
* 中国公民的外籍配偶、子女,以及所持护照的出生地为中国(含台、港、澳地区)的美籍华人及其配偶、子女,可申办长期有效、多次入境旅游、探亲签证。申请时须提供中国境内亲属出具的邀请函及亲属身份证件复印件,以及结婚证书、出生证明等配偶、子女关系证明文件。
* 领事官员根据申请人的具体情况颁发不同有效期、停留期和入境次数的签证。

Volunteer Work in Joplin Missouri May 26

Organized by the KCCAA Youth Committee, kids and parents are welcome to join us in our next event – a trip to help rebuild our neighboring community of Joplin, MO after the tornado. This is a great chance for potential new youth committee members to meet the team and learn more about their great work and get involved.

The volunteer day will be May 26 in Joplin, MO from 10am-6pm. We encourage parents to go as well to support their kids. Please contact Cassie Wang at cassie.c.wang@gmail.com for any questions or interest in the fund or trip.

Youth Hope Fund Progress and Recruitment of New Leaders

The KCCAA Youth Committee was established in October 2011 with the mission of student leadership making an impact on our community and internationally. We have organized very successful events such as fundraising luncheons, fall leaf clean ups, Passport Visa day cookie sales, and raffle ticket sales at Chinese New Year in addition to individual students reaching out to local businesses for donations. We are off to a great start with
lots of momentum.

The Youth Committee has raised $6,000 since their launch in October and has given out 16 scholarships in addition to a plan to donate $1,000 to help rebuild Joplin schools. The group is an excellent example of student leadership, and with seniors graduating, we are looking for new young students to lead roles on the team.

Please contact Cassie Wang at cassie.c.wang@gmail.com if you would like more information of the organization. We look forward to hearing from you.

2012 Summer Trip to KC Friendship School Shaanxi, China

Organizer: KCCAA Youth Committee

Team Youth Leader: Cindy Wang (cwang15@pembrokehill.org)

Parent Helper: Yunming Wang

Team Size: Up to 8 students.

Member’s Age Requirement: Age14 and above.

Dates of the Trip: June 8th – June 16th


  • Helping school teacher teach English
  • Distributing scholarships (using the money that we have raised over the entire year) to 8 selected recipients
  • Interviewing the students who have received scholarships and their parents
  • Getting to know their needs for our future projects


  • June 8th- Meet in Xian and the whole team stays there for the night
  • June 9th- 6 hour bus ride to Yanzibian, where KC Friendship School is
  • June 10th- Go to student homes and conduct parent/student interviews
  • June 11th-15th – Teaching English at KC Friendship School
  • June 16th- Leave in the morning for Xian, arrive in the afternoon

Cost: Individual will be responsible for all costs.

If you are interested in, please send email to Cindy Wang at cwang15@pembrokehill.org. First come, first serve. Registration dead line is May 21st, 2012.

2012 Summer Camps in China


中国国务院侨办和中国海外交流协会建立了夏令营网上交流平台,统一发布夏令营信息。请访问海外华裔青少年夏令营网上交流平台http://summercamp.hwjyw.com。请查看该网站上的夏令营信息,了解您感兴趣的夏令营地点,时间,夏令营简介。有意参加2012年“中国寻根之旅”夏令营的朋友 请及时与KCCAA 联系,请将您感兴趣的夏令营名称,编号,以及您的联系方式,发邮件至 kccaaboardofdirectors@yahoo.com. KCCAA会为您提供准确及时的报名资料,并负责统一管理夏令营报名事宜。

Note: The organizers of the summer camps can only accommodate Chinese heritage children at this time.

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